Meet Our Team


Before permanently moving to the USA, Alex spent most of her professional career working in civil society, with focus on empowering and building capacities of communities in her city. Originally from Serbia, Alex graduated from Economics and Trade High School, and later studied Marketing and Management at a Business College, where she gained significant skills and knowledge that helped her throughout her business career. She co-founded a non-profit that works with young people in order to help them build their capacities, develop new skills and prepare them for their professional careers. She fulfilled her passion for traveling through her work, visiting numerous European countries such as Germany, France, Croatia, Macedonia, Turkey and more, through various conflict resolving, peace building and capacity building seminars. Alex joined the Remote Connections family because of her love for travel, social impact and her love for the area she was raised at, where RC initially started their experiences.


Fran Maggio is an avid traveler and passionate digital marketing specialist. She joined Remote Connections as a Media Planner in 2018 after years of working with freelance clients. She has pursued her love of traveling since graduating from the University of Mary Washington. She’s spent a year teaching English on an island in Brazil, another year working at a taco truck in Melbourne, and another year working for a digital marketing agency in Berlin. She has worked with various clients creating and planning their social media as well as crafting her own social media presence focused on food and travel. She is now a full time ‘digital nomad’ based out of Lisbon, Portugal and has traveled to over 30 countries in the last four years. She is very excited to share her lifestyle with Remote Connections and other digital nomads.


Originally from The Netherlands, Francisca Zimmermann spent the past 7 years traveling, studying and working in several beautiful places all over the world. Besides living in Cape Town for 4 years, she travelled around as much as she could and is currently settling down in Granada, Spain, for a little while. Coming from a background in research and criminology, she started to make a switch towards digital marketing and social media management in 2017 – while developing a passion for the ‘digital nomad’ movement. In 2018 she joined Remote Connections as a Social Media Expert and Brand Ambassador and is incredibly excited to be part of the company’s inspirational mission. Besides traveling, Francisca loves to go hiking in Spain’s amazing mountains, makes silver jewellery and attends a yoga class once in a while.


Lasma is a deep-diver with an entrepreneurial and positive mindset, passionate digital storyteller that strive to live her life to the full potential as a remote worker. In the home of Remote Connections, Lasma is the chief of our remote marketing team. With a background as IT wiz and her experience with different management tools that operates marketing systems, Lasma is driving our digital image with a consistent presence that builds a global community of like-minded individuals. Out and about you can find her in the white sandy beach rolling out her yoga mat, hitting a new mountain summit, exploring a new back country trail or fueling her passion of future of marketing AI technologies.


Prachi is from Mumbai, India . Before turning into a full time digital nomad in 2018, she spent a number of years in the corporate event industry in India. She caught the travel bug in 2014 and since then has visited 22 countries.She joined the Remote Connections team as a part of the Digital Marketing Team and leads our Events across the world.


Born and raised in Brazil by a camping-loving family, Renata is passionate about exploring new cultures and cities, although you will probably find her looking for the next hike or deserted beach to explore! She studied environmental sciences and, after her MSc degree, she took part in several global projects while working for the industry and that waked her up to the Digital Nomad lifestyle. She’s excited to be part of the Digital Marketing team and her new role as Creative Lead.