Travel has always bee a catalyst for inspiration, reinvention, creativity and innovation. When we travel, we get to see places and experience cultures we have never seen or experienced before, as result, we get to draw inspiration from places and people whose world views differ from our own. It allows us to open our minds and hearts and shift perspective. Our trips are designed to be an eye-opening revelation and opportunity to grow as a person, professional and global citizen.

We picked Croatia because of it’s awe inspiring beauty, deeply rooted local traditions, a blend of international cultures and a deep, rich history that cannot be denied. As well as the global opportunities and rich experiences it allows us to create.


Creating and experiencing the world with a group of global citizens, innovators, leaders and team players allows us to challenge and support one another in our individual endeavors and collaborative projects. Alone we are just ok, but together we are so much better. Our global community is designed to curate deep human connection, unforgettable friendships, meaningful experiences and memories.


We work hard every day to live up to our reputation for quality and integrity. We provide living accommodations, co-working spaces, activities, and events, and our experienced logistics team ensures seamless travel between cities and islands.


We’re committed to positively affecting change within communities across the globe. We strongly believe that this leads to immense inspiration and personal and professional growth. Each group will have the opportunity to work on a community project together, serving those who are underserved and making the world a better place.


We also host skills-based workshops with a focus on professional and personal development, cultural immersion, and community and relationship building. Our promise is to enhance not only the life of our community but to create a chain of giving and receiving.


Our model affords the opportunity to participate in a wide range of “extra” offerings, which include: health and wellness activities, language classes, social and cultural events, city tours, mixers, excursions, happy hours, and more. We strive for you to have a well-rounded experience of the world and all that it has to offer.

Welcome to Remote Connections.Where one month will change your life.