Whether you’re toying with the idea of going remote, or you have been for years, it’s true that the lifestyle is hard to beat. However, joining a remote community can make the experience 10 times better.

Not only can a remote community be online, but also in real life. Companies like Remote Connections offer remote community experiences where you can connect with like minded humans, travel and build your business at the same time.

Not convinced that this is the year you need to join a remote community? Here are the best reasons to join a remote community right now!

Build Connections

In every pole done with Remote Workers about the worst bit of the lifestyle, one thing comes out on top.

Loneliness. This poll with Remote Workers details that loneliness is the main negative, more than career security and travel issues combined! This could be for a number of reasons. For many of us, the draw of being a Remote Worker is to maintain a nomadic lifestyle. However, constant travel does have some drawbacks.  Leaving family and friends at home for long periods of time can make you feel out of the loop. Not only that, but as Remote Worker Nandini Swaminathan puts it: “People don’t consider the fact that sometimes not having face to face interactions on a daily basis can get a little isolating.”

A lot of digital nomads have this feeling of not quite belonging anywhere anymore. This can be liberating, but we all need human connection.

By joining a remote community, you are instantly connected with like-minded individuals, some online and some that you might meet in person, too! 

This experience allowed me to connect with myself and with other individuals. I now value human connection more than anything else and realize how irreplaceable it truly is.” Pauline Ngo on her 2017 Remote Connections Experience.



Be a Part of a Global Community

Joining a remote community won’t just develop your personal connections, but it will also put you in touch with a Global Community. Meet people all over the world that will help you with concerns and queries you have about travelling. Not sure of how the visa process works? Need to know the best city to land in? Your community will help!

Out of those asked, around 35% of Remote workers found the main concern with the career move was concerns about visa issues, banking and exchange fees as well as finding good wifi. Joining a remote community means that the stresses are shared and we’ll do the leg work for you to find a beautiful location with all the information you need to get there hassle free.


Personal and professional development

Joining a remote community will help develop your professional profile as well as introduce you to new, lifelong contacts in your field. Let us help you push your own boundaries and discover who you are!

When asked on the worst parts of working for yourself remotely, almost 20% of those asked mentioned career security. It’s one of the reasons lots of people never go remote, as they are worried about the future and about making enough money without constant hours and clients.   The personal and professional growth you can achieve by being around other remote workers is incredible!


Social impact

Certain Remote Communities are social impact companies – Remote Connections is one of them!

I caught up with founder Dita on how working with  Remote Community can help you positively impact the countries you visit!

“We create social impact through partnerships with various non-profits and charities throughout Croatia as well as orphanages around the world. Everyone who joins one of our programs will develop their social entrepreneurship skills. They will also create a more passion-and-legacy centered career by being involved with various community volunteer projects while in Croatia.”



Unforgettable memories

Joining a remote community like Remote in Croatia will mean a once in a lifetime trip that gives your connections, allows your to develop yourself professionally but also come away with incredible memories.


Stunning location

Depending on the remote community, there are some amazing locations and apartments out there. Remote Connections offer, for example, a private room and comfy workspace. The location will feel like home, with cafes and restaurants close by so you can immerse yourself in the local culture.




It can be difficult to find meaning in our work when we are employed by a big corporation or working for someone else. It’s time to think, and work, for yourself. Joining a remote community may give you the support and drive you need to make a new life choice and start a life and career of meaning.

Pauline Ngo explains further

I was able to meet amazing people from all over the world and connect on a deeper level with them that I would otherwise never had the opportunity to do so. I now feel like I have friends all over the world. The bond we created during this experience is truly meaningful and this was one of my most unforgettable experiences.

Still not sure if you’d benefit from being a part of a remote community? Get in touch with Remote Connections today to find out more.