A List of Travel Insurance Providers for Digital Nomads

There are lots of things we can’t help when we’re traveling or working remotely. Getting sick is one of them. No matter what your circumstance, you need a travel insurance plan that suits you. But where do you begin? I’ve done the digging and have found the best options for short and long term travel plans, even if you’re already on the move.

Firstly, if you’re wondering if you really need travel insurance, the answer is ALWAYS yes! We’ve all heard horror stories of people who got caught out and were landed with a huge hospital bill. Last year, I caught dengue fever and ended up in hospital for 10 days. Luckily, it was the first time I’d ever travelled with insurance! Without it, the bill would have been thousands of pounds, rather than the excess of around £200.

Make sure you’re ready for your trip to Croatia! Photo Credit @diary_of_none

First, let’s look at some different types of insurance that you might prefer depending on circumstance or what you already have covered.

Any of these would be perfect for your experience with Remote Connections, or any other trip you’re currently planning!

World Nomads – for everything

World Nomads is SO DAMN GOOD! The great thing about this company for digital nomads is that you can add items to your insurance such as your brand new laptop and camera, as well as extending your trip when you’re already on the move. It’s flexible, has a good support team if you ever need to claim and is cheap for what it covers, too.

Europe Insurance – for medical

Perfect for anyone going to Europe, this is a cheaper option that covers your medical insurance if you already have contents cover or aren’t taking much with you. Prices start at 16 EUR a month so this really is a bargain with coverage up to 60,000 EUR in medical expenses. Plus, if your visa is refused for any reason you can claim a full refund.

Protect Your Bubble – for gadgets

This will allow you to cover your gadgets for up to 180 days no matter what they’re value. You’ll be  to be able to show a receipt in the event of loss or damage to claim, but otherwise this company offers peace of mind for all your remote working needs!

If you’re ready to leave home for longer than a few weeks, there are better options out there to suit you in terms of availability and budget! These are my favourite three that are international and allow you to choose the long-stay or backpacker option depending on if you are remote working in one place  for the foreseeable future or are more of a nomad.

STA Travel – for price – Single trip (up to 24 months)

STA is great, cheap option for people who are ready to stay in one place for an extended period of time, whether that’s in Croatia or Bali, you’ll be covered for up to 24 months. You can start your cover for less time and extend if you’re not sure when you’re off to your next destination.

Voyager – Single trip (up to 24 months)

A UK company, it offers insurance to people from all over Europe. You can take out a policy for up to 18 months but extend later to 24 months if you need to.

International Insurance – for worldwide cover, monthly or yearly

This company is US based but you’re able to register for insurance from anywhere. They offer policies that would suit both backpackers and remote workers in either a monthly or yearly package, starting at around $500 per year. Broken down, that’s one of the cheapest options for long term, good travel insurance I could find.

If you’re already away

Usually, travel insurance companies expect you to pay for insurance before you leave home. It can make it tricky if you’re already on the road and remember you still need a quote. However, there are a number of companies that understand that some of us very rarely go home in the first place and we need an insurance that can cover us from abroad.  Here are my top three picks for travel insurance for you, Remote Workers!

World Nomads

I know, I know, it’s already been on the list. However, World Nomads is probably the most raved about travel insurance company among backpackers and digital nomads, as not only can you buy insurance that goes live within 24 hours, you can also buy it for no extra cost when you’re already away. As long as you buy the insurance before you need it, you’ll be covered no matter where in the world you are!

True Traveller

Voted No.1 for travel insurance on TrustPilot, True Travellers insurance is available for anyone from the UK and EEA. It has a 48 hour waiting period and although you can get a month’s insurance in Europe for as little as 40 EUR, I’d recommend the slightly more expensive “traveller package” as it includes all sorts of activities.

Globe Link

Globelink is available to UK and EU residents, offering a variety of options for single, annual, backpacker trips alongside options for those already traveling.


Have you got any other travel insurance recommendations? What company have you used and loved? Let us know in the comments and remember to share this with your travel community!