The Basics


You’ll have a private room and a comfortable workspace. We choose locations that feel like home. We look for places where you can stroll to a nearby cafe, walk to a local yoga studio, or grab lunch down the street.

At extra cost: we accommodate travelers who wish to have their own apartment as well as couples. Please let us know during you interview what type of accommodations you prefer. The additional cost will vary based on the city and month.


We have booked some of the best co-working spaces in Croatia, all with 24/7 access*. This also gives you the ability to further connect with forward thinkers from around the globe.

*Please note that some islands will not have a co-working space, however, we will create the space for you. 


We provide all travel between cities and islands, as well as for excursions to nearby countries such as Montenegro, Bosnia and others. Transportation to and from airports included as well. You are only responsible for getting to the first destination and leaving the last.


Croatia is among the most beautiful countries in the world. It is simply stunning. It is home to hundreds of un-explored islands, vibrant cities, deep roman history, turquoise clear waters, deep local culture, boutique and villa-style stays and limitless activities. It’s natural resources; waterfalls, national parks and fortresses are breath taking. It is also in close to proximity to beautiful Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina, both of which are part of our excursions


We are extremely conscious when it comes to putting together our global community in Croatia. Each program becomes a community of friends and colleagues who support each other along the journey and beyond. The individuals participating in our program come from various backgrounds, industries, and nationalities. Each group is specially named — after an inspiring leader, concept, or term — with the purpose of driving a common connection and life-long bond during and after their remote experience. Even when the trip ends, our goal is to create human connection and bond well beyond this. We want our community to continue to grow and give back to each other. 

This is why each potential participant will go through an interview process with one of our Admissions Ambassadors. Our groups are at a maximum capacity of 12-15 individuals. 

The Extras


– Networking events
– Guest speakers
– Workshops
– Internal Presentations & Development
– Local Business Tours when Available


– Language classes
– Museum and Cultural Site Visits
– Local Market Shopping
– Dance Classes
– Cooking Classes
– Wine / Coffee Tastings
– Walking tours


– Boat / yacht days
– Group Hikes
– Communal Sports / Picnic Days
– Trips to Local Festivals
– Exploring Secret Beaches
– Waterfalls and water caves
– National parks


Giving back is a big part of our mission – as it is for many of global citizens who join us. We provide our groups with opportunities to help communities around the globe. You will have the opportunity to work on a collaborative community service project during your trip.


Mental and physical health is super important. We arrange at least one free yoga or fitness class per month, plus offer partnerships and discounts with local gyms in each city.


Food, drink, and a good time will be shared at a cool venue upon arrival, as well as throughout the stay. We also say goodbye with a cheers and a cocktail!


We offer a free language class to equip you with some local lingo and educate you on important local norms and customs to help avoid tourist pitfalls. We can also obtain special rates with local teachers for those who want get more in-depth with learning the language.


In addition to the activities that are offered for free, we coordinate several additional professional, social and cultural events per month at some additional cost for those who just can’t get enough.
(Think: Conferences, Catamaran Tours, Expos, Skydiving, and more!)


There is always a LOCAL team member on hand to help, day or night – whether for accommodation issues, internet, or even just a restaurant recommendation – we’re here! We always book rooms and workspaces in safe areas and use our local knowledge to help you have a secure and enjoyable experience abroad.


Our program allows the kind of flexibility that a global citizen requires. You can join us year-round for 15, 30, 60 or 90 days. You can also leave and return.

You also get to choose which cities and islands you want to go see, which programs, workshops and events you want to attend.

We provide the planning; you have the flexibility to create your experience. Nothing is mandatory and everything is available.

Visit our FAQs for more details about our unmatched flexibility and other helpful information.
*2-Week Minimum Stay


Application Process


If you are a working professional with the ability to work remotely, or have a plan to secure some type of remote work, please fill out our application.

If not, we would love for you to fill out the application anyway tell us why you want to join, and we will place you with the most appropriate community. We do offer leisure and/or community service trips. We just need to know where you stand.


We review applications to find the best candidates for our programs, and will contact you about scheduling an interview.

The interview will be a ~45 minute video chat with one of our Admissions Ambassadors to determine if there is a good fit both ways.


Acceptance! If we decide you are a good fit, we’ll send you an offer letter with all the fine print and additional details.

Once we have received your reservation fee, all that’s left is to pack your bags and get ready for the trip of your life!